Handmade Wooden

Pampas Stand


The perfect decorative element for your home, wedding or office.

Together with the Viennese master carpenter SCHWAERZ AKERHOLM, we Flowergirls developed a handmade wooden stand that perfectly showcases our beloved pampas grass in an elegant yet natural holder.

The idea:

We really love the noble grass for eternity, but to set it perfectly in scene is not at all easy. Pampas grass lovers know how pampas grasses love to bundle up in a vase in no time on one side and the grasses lie on top of each other and can not fully develop. So you need 10-20 grasses in a vase to create a full pampas bush look.

But how can we create an arrangement with great pampas grass volume even with just a few grasses? That's how we came up with the idea for our Wooden Pampas Block.

Less grasses for the perfect look:

Instead of the classic vase, we wanted to work with a base with holes where the stems of the pampas grasses can have a perfect hold and stand straight up. This way, the grass can unfold perfectly. It should be made of a regional raw material and perfectly match the natural look of the pampas grass. Wood was the perfect solution.

And so we teamed up with Lukas and Kristian from SCHWAERZ AKERHOLM and together we designed, processed and finalized the first "Handmade Block of Wood for Pampas Grass" made of regional spruce wood from the Vienna Woods that is over 40 years old. Handmade in Vienna by the team Flowergirls x SCHWAERZ AKERHOLM.

Home & Office Decoration:

The pampas grass block is perfect for outdoor and indoor. It not only gives your home or office a touch of lightness and naturalness in an instant, but also conjures up the world's easiest-to-care-for plant in the room. Thanks to the matching holes in the block, the grasses have no game to wobble so they can not trigger any movement and cause a vase to tip over even in a breeze - just as we know from the long pampas grasses in Wasen.

Wedding Decoration:

Do you love pampas grass and want to decorate your own wedding with the elegant grass for eternity? Then our Wooden Block is just what you need. You can beautifully display the Pampasgars blocks in the reception area, by the altar, in the banquet hall or outdoors in the garden. And the best thing about it: your helpers can move the decoration from one place at the wedding to the next in no time. And after the big day, set up your Wooden Pampas Block at home or in the office as a reminder of the wedding. No throwing away decor or flowers and no wedding expenses that can't be reused afterward.

Product Details

ca. 15 x 15 x 15 cm
regionale Altholz Fichte aus dem Wienerwald
possible for outdoor & indoor

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Pampas Stand

Handmade Block of Wood for Pampas Grass