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our material

Swimwear – 100% made from waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth.

ECONYL® regenerated nylony

The Sustainable & Convertible Swimwear line by "We Are Flowergirls" is sewn from recycled nylon yarn from Italy. The nylon is made from nylon waste - such as fishing nets from the oceans and aquaculture, fabric scraps from mills and carpets destined for landfill. This fabric is called ECONYL® and is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

Why is ECONYL® sustainable?

Waste nylon is transformed into the regenerated nylon ECONYL®.

ECONYL® yarn is an innovative, sustainable and 100% recycled nylon fibre made from old resources. After many years of development and investment, the Italian company company Aquafil brought the fibre to market in 2011 and received the German German Sustainability Award.

For every 10 tonnes of ECONYL® produced, 70 barrels of crude oil are saved, thus avoiding 57.1 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Instead of using crude oil as in conventional nylon production, waste is used for the ECONYL® production uses waste.

Parts of it consists of fishing nets from the oceans. Volunteer divers of the "Healthy Seas" initiative collect so-called ghost nets, in which sea creatures otherwise get entangled and die in agony. Since its launch in 2013, the initiative has already collected 453 tonnes of fishing net waste!

Fishing nets currently account for about 10% of marine litter. All collected waste is sorted and recovered into nylon in an innovative technical cleaning and regeneration process - ECONYL® depolymerisation. The end product is high-quality fibres that are in no way inferior to pure nylon. It is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also extremely elastic and tear-resistant. Perfect for our wrap-around swimwear. At the same time, ECONYL® is characterised by high water resistance and fast drying.

Delivery route:

The production of our ECONYL® fabric is in Italy. The supply chain of our swimming costume therefore originates in Italy. The fabric is sent to our tailor shop in Hungary, where the swimwear is sewn, and directly to our "We Are Flowergirls" atelier in Vienna. 100% plastic-free and packaging-free.


Our recycled fabric has the OEKO-TEX Recycled Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Certificate.

Our production

Handmade in Hungary

The idea for our first swimwear collection came to us in spring 2020, a year full of question marks and uncertainties. We had the idea to make a swimming costume that adapts to every figure thanks to different types of wraps and offers the perfect tie for every shape. We wanted to make a swimming costume out of recycled nylon, a swimming costume that doesn't cause more damage to our environment and a swimming costume that is also produced fairly and locally.

Anyone who has ever looked for a tailor shop or small, fair and local production facility for a collection, label or heart project knows how difficult that is. And in addition, the quality must be 100% right, the communication and language must allow us to understand each other and the supply chain must not be unnecessarily prolonged. All these points make finding a good, fair and reliable partner incredibly difficult.

But we really found this place. 2 hours away from Vienna. With couture-level quality and such a transparent and friendly manner that communication, ordering and quality control are a real pleasure.

Tailoring on a couture level

By a great coincidence and a load of luck we found Eva, a couture tailor from Hungary who designs and tailors bespoke wedding gowns. Because of the fancy Wedding-Season 2020, Eva and her small team had for the first time empty times in her tailoring studio and were not booked up like all the seasons before. So Eva and her team had time to try something new. The new thing was the Flowergirls. That was our great luck and the start of a great collaboration and rollercoaster ride towards #FlowergirlsSwim.

Together with Eva and her tailors we developed the first Sustainable & Convertible Swimwear Collection. Eva bought a swimwear sewing machine suitable for our recycled nylon swimwear material from Italy and started the Flowergirls swimwear line with her seamstresses.
Barely 250 km from Vienna, our swimwear pieces are created with couture-level tailoring. Eva and her team work with us 100% plastic-free - no swimming costume is delivered in unnecessary plastic bags. And thanks to the pre-order phase we plan with Eva, we guarantee production free of overproduction.

»THANK YOU to Eva and her incredible team for making our Sustainable & Convertible Swimwear possible and for creating couture swimwear with us.«


The Design

The diaper-changing possibilities are almost endless.

If you're already familiar with our convertible dresses and jumpsuits, you'll know how versatile our wrap top design is. The two long panels of fabric that make up the top not only offer the perfect wrap-around option for any figure, but also transform your swimming costume and bikini into a new design every time you go to the beach.

You can wear the swimming costume and bikini off-the-shoulder, with straps, with sleeves, symmetrical or asymmetrical, backless, back-covered or semi-covered. We didn't skimp on fabric, so the long panels can be wrapped 1, 2, 3 times around the torso and the stretchy fabric hugs your body perfectly. The panels are sewn in two layers so that no nipple imprint is guaranteed to show through the top. With our cream model, we include nipple pads.

In addition, you can transform the swimming costume and bikini into a summer or party top in an instant with a wrap skirt or high-waist trousers.

Thanks to the high leg cut of the swimming costume and bikini bottoms, the leg is visually elongated. We have raised the waist of the swimming costume another 3 cm for our 2022 design and adapted the bikini bottoms as well.

18k Golden Tubes

An elegant upgrade for your swimwear.
For the SS22 season we have designed very special jewellery for our swimwear. Brass tubes with 18 carat gold plating. In no time at all you can transform your swimwear into an elegant top and eye-catching suit or bikini. This is how it works: Simply thread the gold tunnels onto the two top panels and you've given your swimwear a new look. The elegant upgrade for your swimwear. Thanks to the gold plating, the tube will not lose its colour and sparkles uniquely in the sunlight.

Hier kannst du dich inspirieren lassen welche Bindearten mit den Golden Tubes noch möglich sind.


We are aware that our swimwear is no bargain. Therefore, we would like to briefly explain how our price comes about and why a high-quality and sustainable product is worth its price. It was important to us to set a sustainable example with our swimwear line. We wanted to create a product that does not harm the environment more than is absolutely necessary and that will give our customers lasting pleasure for many years. Therefore, we decided to work with recycled fabric of the highest standard, which is produced in Italy. The recycling and thus the production of such a fabric - without chemicals and cheap additional materials - costs a multiple of conventional fabrics, which are produced from new resources in 1000s of running metres in Asia. Furthermore, we need more than three times the running metres of a classic swimming costume or bikini for our swimming costume. Our wrap-around panels are chosen extra long, so that you can really realise every possible way of tying. Therefore, the material costs of our design are significantly more expensive than usual in the swimwear sector.
We produce locally in a small sewing shop in Hungary. Of course, this is also much more expensive than sewing factories in China, Korea, India and the like. The last point is the sewing: so that you can turn the swimming costume and bikini around and you don't see any seams, we have chosen inside-out sewing. This means that all seams are hidden and the inside is sewn just as finely as the outside. There is no seam visible on our swimming costume. All these points make our wrap swimming costume a piece that should accompany you for many years, transforming every time you wear it, while embodying fair, local and sustainable ideas.
THANK YOU and enjoy summer!
We wish you many beautiful moments, travels, dives and warm, happy summer evenings in our Convertible & Sustainable Swimwear Collection 2022. And of course, we'd love to hear your feedback on our design, wear photos and videos of your travels with our MARE MIO Collection. @flowergirls.swim #flowergirlsswim @weareflowergirls
A Special THANKS

Und Danke an unsere unglaublichen Ladies vom Flowergirls REAL WOMEN Shooting 2023.

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Tauch´ ein in die Welt unserer Sustainable & Convertible Swimsuits - 1 Swimsuit, 100 Tragevarienten. Die Wickel- und Tragemöglichkeiten unserer Convertible Swimsuits sind endlos und können ganz einfach mit ein paar Handgriffen angepasst und in neue Designs verwandelt werden. Recycelte Fabric aus Italien, trifft auf höchste Schnedierqualität in unserer Couture-Schneiderei in Ungarn. Alle Infos zu unserer Sustainable Story findest du hier.