Charity Collection

10% of our first Fine Jewelry Collection will be donated from now and forever to charitable projects close to our hearts.

Because we can no longer look away.

"We Are Flowergirls" for "Doctors Without Borders".

For years the situation on the Greek islands has been getting worse. The people who arrive here after unimaginable hardships from crisis countries in search of a better and fair life, often find only misery and injustice here in Europe. Yes, one can almost certainly say that they are often confronted with inhumane procedures, camps, care and lack of respect.

The Flowergirls want to help, because there is so much more than one's own environment, one's own country, one's own friends and family and one's own well-being.

That's why we started our charity campaign for Doctors Without Borders after the fire in the Moria refugee camp. 20% of our webshop turnover went to Doctors Without Borders in autumn 2020, who work day by day for the poorest of the poor on the Greek islands!


... we were able to supply 3,636 refugees with all the necessary medicines for 3 months with our fundraising campaign in autumn 2020.

Why is that important?

Doctors Without Borders
report in September:

"On the night of 8 September 2020, several fires broke out in Moria camp, causing the refugee camp to burn down. Fires also broke out again the following day. Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos was the largest refugee camp in Europe. Refugees are stranded there, seeking protection from war and violence at Europe's external borders. They are not granted asylum, nor can they return to their homes. The people lived crammed together in cramped quarters under catastrophic conditions.

The fire caused people to lose their already few belongings. They became homeless and the vast majority had to spend several nights in the open. Left to fend for themselves without shelter, water or food, people are desperate. The situation on the ground is tense as they do not want to be re-housed in shelters on the island, which have since been built. They are afraid of being held again under the inhumane conditions they already had to experience before the fires. In our view, too, this accommodation should at most serve to bridge the acute emergency situation in the very short term. We call on Greece and the European Union to stop setting up camps that imprison refugees and migrants on islands. People must be transferred from Lesbos to the mainland and to European countries in safety."

Help after the fire in Moria:

"Our staff* was already able to help some people with minor injuries and burns on September 9. We were able to continue the work in our clinic at the edge of the camp after an interruption. We have also set up an emergency number to help patients. Because of the huge need, we have adapted our mobile help to set up an additional emergency clinic in a warehouse. It is located near a place where most people sleep. Due to an action of the Greek police on the morning of September 17, forcing refugees and migrants into the new camp, we temporarily had no access to our clinic. Such situations are worrying, as it is important that we can provide medical assistance at any time."

Policy demand

... from Doctors Without Borders :

"We demand that the people from the camp who are now homeless be immediately transferred from Lesbos to the mainland or to other European countries for safety. "If any proof had been needed that Europe's current lockdown policy only leads to despair and tension, it is here. For months, a lockdown exclusively on refugee camps has been repeatedly extended and now tightened yet again, while there remains a lack of any real, effective prevention strategy for the many people detained there. The ashes of Moria are testimony to a failed policy that deliberately fuels despair and misery and misuses it as a deterrent," said our refugee policy expert, Marie von Manteuffel.

We call on Germany and other European states to quickly and comprehensively take in people seeking protection. We are ready to support them with medical assistance.

European states should take the disaster in Moria as an opportunity to bring about a real change in European migration policy. We will continue to advocate a humane migration and asylum policy with measures such as humanitarian visas, resettlement coordination and family reunification.

Under no circumstances must the same inhumane system, that we have seen over the past five years, be set up again. In all this time, we have seen what accommodation in this EU hotspot does to people. We have seen the devastating health and psychological consequences of living there. This nightmare must stop, it must not start all over again. „

Fine JewelrY

Charity Collection

We would like to make a lasting contribution. Therefore, from the launch day of the new FINE JEWELRY COLLECTION , we will permanently donate 10% of sales to Doctors Without Borders.
Not only for their medical support but also for their tireless efforts and fight against injustice and inhumane practices in Europe.

More info here:
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... for your tireless efforts and thank you to the incredible team at Doctors Without Borders.