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Hi bloomers, wanna meet us?

We are a couple. We are completely different but we have one thing in common. We love to get on special journeys to see where they lead us. »We Are Flowergirls« is one of these journeys.

Back in 2015 we founded our first baby. Our first company named »We Are Flowergirls«.
At this time, we both had full time jobs. Mathias was working as a designer in a creative agency and Cecilia was a journalist and digital content creator for several fashion magazines. The only way to start something on our own, to create something new and start a challenging journey together, was to do it during the night and on weekends. We kind of stopped sleeping - not really but it felt like that - and emptied our bank accounts. Japp, our bank accounts - not those of our parents. The good thing: We didn’t have much money anyway. So the risk wasn’t too high.

Our »We Are Flowergirls« Journey

"I drained my bank account for this baby and I would do it again!"

Between the moment the idea of »We Are Flowergirls« was born and our actual launch day we had 5 weeks. Why just 5 weeks? It was already spring when we invented »We Are Flowergirls« in the middle of a not-so-sober-night. It was mid of April so flower season had already started we thought. We had 5 weeks for designing and producing the first collection. 5 weeks to organize a shoot, design a corporate identity, set up a website, register the brand, find appropriate packaging, a shipping method, etc. etc. … the list was endless. But we did it and 5 weeks later our baby was born: »We Are Flowergirls« - a brand for conscious people who adore the magic of unique creations and handmade design that lasts a lifetime long.

Since that summer day in 2015 our life is filled with ups and downs, with tears and smiles, with success and failure. It’s hard BUT it’s even more amazing. So we did it, we still do it and we love it!

... lows, tears and fears are part of every good trip

“We couldn’t be more different. Cecilia is the “LET’S DO IT!” kind of person. I am more “let’s think about it first!” - so together we are the perfect combination of “why not!”.

»We Are Flowergirls« is a slow fashion brand that works with rare vintage material and manufactures in the city center of Vienna, Austria. Our goal is it to create something special. Something unique. Something you can not duplicate 1000 times and more. Our goal is to experience every day something new, to inspire others and get inspired. That’s what we do, that’s what we love. And we do flowercrowns, of course. And some other things ;)

If you wanna talk to us, get in contact via Insta.


— made by hand in our viennese Atelier

“A piece that is unique, manufactured for you, just for you! There is no second design like this.” That’s the mission of »We Are Flowergirls«.

We design headpieces and accessoires made with vintage artificial and dried flowers, that last a lifetime long. And no design looks like the other, since it’s really handmade. Not made by hand with a strict protocol 1.000 times in a big factory.
The idea of »We Are Flowergirls« is to manufacture high-quality, handmade floral wreaths that exude an aura of luxury. »We Are Flowergirls« only uses the finest and most delightful flowers made of fabric, paper and synthetic materials. Every »We Are Flowergirls« crown is a unique collection-piece and gets produced especially for you.

Mathias Assefi and Cecilia Capri
- Founders "We Are Flowergirls".

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