Your Flower Workshop


Are you looking for a very special surprise for your guests?

Are you organizing a large event or a birthday? Are you looking for something completely different than cool entertainment for your guests? Then you've come to the right place with our event workshops.

True to the motto "WE FLOWER UP YOUR PARTY", we will transform your celebration - whether it's a birthday party, a bash, a wedding or a company party - into a flower happening of superlatives.

Please send your inquiries for events and workshops by email.

Your Wedding Day Flower Workshop

Together with you and your wedding guests, we will create flower crowns from fresh or dried flowers. Not only will we transform the party into a garden of paradise, but every guest will also have a great memento of the big day to take home with them.

How can you request your Weddings Day workshop?

Tell us where your wedding will take place. When and how many guests you are expecting. Whether you would prefer a workshop with fresh flowers - which of course dry beautifully after tying. Or a workshop with dried & preserved flowers.

We'll take care of the rest!

The flower girls come with all the materials you need. They take care of the set-up and dismantling and create flower crowns together with your guests on your wedding day. We will transform your wedding guests into a colorful sea of flowers and not only let the photos bloom florally, but also the faces and minds of your wedding guests.

And of course, the handmade flower crown is the perfect goodie for your guests.

Your Bridal Shower Workshop on Location

In keeping with the motto "WE FLOWER UP YOUR FÊTE" , we will transform your party into a flower happening of superlatives.

Together with you, we will conjure up flower crowns from fresh or dried flowers. You will learn how to get creative with flowers during the workshop and each participant will conjure up their own crown, which they can of course take home with them.

We flower girls take care of the entire planning, set-up, dismantling and workshop. You don't have to do anything, just tell us your desired flower colors and favorite varieties and we'll do the rest.

Flower workshop at your event

"We Are Flowergirls" offers exclusive flower workshops at weddings, parties and events. The "We Are Flowergirls" team binds flower wreaths for the ladies and girls and flower pins for the men and boys live with your guests.

We don't offer classic "learning workshops" but interactive entertainment for guests at events where they can get creative, talk to other guests and at the same time conjure up a great goodie to take home.

We flower girls prepare the entire workshop and come to your wedding or party with a sea of flowers plus materials for tying and make flower wreaths and pins live with the guests. We will transform your guests into radiant Midsommar elves and offer the perfect goodie and gift to take home.