Handmade Dried Flowerband

100% for Ukraine


This handmade flower ribbon made of high-quality dried and preserved flowers is part of our UKRAINE CHARITY COLLECTION and is intended to make a small contribution to the little ones in Ukraine.

100% of the turnover of our UKRAINE CHARITY COLLECTION will be donated to the Austrian association KEINE HERZEN, which has been working for years and now especially for orphans in Ukraine.

Give away handmade flower decorations and help the smallest children in the war zone!

How a small association tries to save orphans from Ukraine.

"It's chaos," says Julia Stering, the association's volunteer press officer.

Currently, the association is trying to get Ukrainian orphans out of the country and give them a temporary safe home in the West.

In the first week of the war, Kleine herzen was already able to get some children out of the country, 13 of them found a home in Waidhof an der Ybbs. (to the article)

Julia Stering, spokeswoman of the association "Kleine Herzen", and her colleagues set out on Thursday for the Ukrainian-Polish border to pick up the orphans. Together with ten carers, the children had managed to flee Kiev by train towards the West under the most difficult conditions.

The carers describe the children as severely traumatised. They had been stuck for a week in a storage cellar in war-torn Kiev. According to the caregivers' description, bombings could be heard constantly and the children had not slept for over 30 hours due to the turbulent escape.

The 13 children, aged between three and 17, arrived in Austria last week and found help and shelter here. But there is still a lot to do for the little hearts to get more children, babies and teenagers out of the country without parents.

Donate now and help!


Little Hearts is a non-profit organisation that aims to give disadvantaged children in Russia, Ukraine and Cambodia a better future. With the help of volunteers, sponsorships and educational projects, they can ensure that no child is neglected. Since their founding in January 2007, they have helped hundreds of children attend school, participate in activities, rekindle their spirits and integrate into society.

And with each child they help, they take great care to build a personal relationship with them. Their transparent work and use of funds was awarded the Austrian Donation Seal of Approval in 2010 and is carried out in close cooperation with Caritas.

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Product Details

Length of flower portion: 5 cm
Ukraine colors // Yellow & Blue
- Vintage silk flowers from the 50s to the 90s made in Germany
- high quality dried and preserved flowers
- Satin ribbons

Note that our designs are made from high quality materials. Each piece is handmade in our Vienna studio with rare flowers from the 50s to the 90s as well as dried flowers, beads and stones. Therefore, please treat your piece with love, do not leave the design in the sun for a long time and protect it from moisture. This way your unique piece will last a lifetime and outlast generations.

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100% for Ukraine

Handmade Dried Flowerband for Ukraine