Oh fall, we are so happy to have you!

When the nights get longer, the leaves start to get colourful, the evenings get colder, people start wearing jackets, pullovers and warm trousers, you know: fall is here!
While most people feels exaggerated melancholic because summer is over, you should be excited for the next months! Here are our reasons why:

1. A colorful world all around you!

When the trees slowly start turning into colors like red, orange and yellow, you should spend the time outside! In the suburbs of your city, on the countryside, or even in parks, the atmosphere with all those warm colors in thousand shades is amazing! You can use a sunny day in fall to go kite flying, going for a long walk with your dog or just enjoying the last warm beams of the sun. 

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Ulala, our first fall-flowercrowns outfit with loevely flowerwreath "Lady Rose" from the upcoming Celebrate Collection!

2. Cozy cuddling on cold days

A pro of fall is definitively that you can lay in bed all day, with a pair of sweatpants on, just watching TV or reading a good book and cuddling a lot, because you´re in the mood for that like all the time! Use those days for your body (and your brain..) to calm down a little!

3. Thanksgiving

In fall so many fruits and vegetables are ready to get cropped and then it´s time for Thanksgiving, well in fact, for dinner parties! Use those occasions to show off your favorite fall-flowercrown! 


4. Sunsets



Provence, thanks for having us flowergirls 🌻🌷🌅 #france #weareflowergirls

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Ohhhh, it's still weekend 🍾🎉❤️🌺😘 happy holiday #weareflowergirls

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Oh Provence, we love you! 🍇🌷🌅🌺 Where our flowercrowns as a floral hat ribbon 👒👌#weareflowergirls

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PS: Have you seen our fall-shoot for the "Auf der Alm" Collection?


pics by the amazing Melina Weger @melourra