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My best flowergirl and partner in crime Nadja followed me to the electronic music festival "Lighthouse Festival" in Croatia last weekend. How can I describe that amazing event? Hm! Think about a beautiful island, blue ocean, palm trees, music at every corner, sunsets and the beach, cocktails and flamingos in the pool: THATS LIGHTHOUSE FESTIVAL. If I wouldn't have many years to go and many festivals I will dance at, Iยดd say the Lighthouse days were the best of my life. Why? Because beside the amazing location, people and music I had these 6 festival essentials with me and they were the best choice ever! I will never party without them again.

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We Are Flowergirls goes LIGHTHOUSE FESTIVAL 2016

1. Glitter Powder

WHY? Because everybody loves glitter! And if there is a boy or girl on the dance floor who spreads glitter, there is nobody who doesnยดt want a bit. Just bring it in a small plastic box or eprouvette and litter the golden glitter on all the faces and chests you can find around you. Everybody will get a smile on the face in a sec.

We Are flowergirls Lighthouse Festival

2) Soap Bubbles and Golden Lametta

...same effect, same fun level, best party accessories ever!

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3. Metallic Tattoos, Flower Crowns, Kimono, Bodychain and Jewellery

... of course you can have fun with a pair of shorts, a T-Shirt and Flip Flops. BUT ... it's like you go on a costume party without a costume. It's just more fun to dress up and jump around with flowers, chokers and pompoms, golden glitter and tattoos on your skin and pink lipstick on.
It's not about being the fanciest person on the stage ... no, it's put yourself into this magical phantasy-world. It works. Promise!

Festival We Are Flowergirls
We Are Flowergirls Lighthouse Festival

4. Protein Bars and Fruits

I don't know how you feel after starting drinking at noon at the pool? I feel like: "I want another drink and please don't come with food because I'm in party-mood!" At the least at 11 PM my stomach is so empty that I just NEED something to eat - immediately. Obviously, the restaurants and food-trucks just closed 5 min ago, so I have to die of hunger ... OR I have a protein bar or a banana in my bag! CHECK!

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Finally it's summer time! ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸŽ‰#lighthousefestival #lhf16

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5. Bring a Second Pair of Shades!

Yes, You might think it's obvious to have your shades with you on a festival. And thats right.
BUT I tell you, you need a backup pair! The moment will come when you stand on the dance floor at 6 AM and the sun rises. Then you are the chief with your shades in the morning sun AND you can hide your bleary-eyed face. The dancers around you left their shades in the apartment or their tent? No, we don't feel sorry for them ;)


6. Bring a Tote Bag (ยซJutesackerlยป) with Speakers, a (round) Towel, Bikini, Bottle of Gin and a Lighter.

If you bring this festival survival kit, you can start the party wherever you want! Lie down with your - preferably round - towel and it's always space for two on it. If you have a lighter, every 5 minutes somebody will come and ask for it. Ask for a cigarette in return - it will work with every second person! Bring a speaker so you can always start the party around you. If you got some booze there will be fresh juice to mix at all the times. Put on your bathing suit. CHEERS!

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