Flowercomb Capri


Flowercomb Capri


Flowercomb »CAPRI« is a handmade design-piece, made out of Marina Hoermanseder original leather-flowers and vintage artificial flowers.

Please note, that every piece is handmade and unique, so the colours can differ a bit from the pictures in our webshop. The colours we use for flowercomb PEANUT are soft pastells. Our pieces are made to order.

You have questions or special wishes? Send us flowergirls an e-mail!


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Made by hand:
Every piece will be hand-crafted for you, so please allow your crown to look slightly different to the model in the pictures.

Why are there two delivery options?
The atelier does not do mass production, so there might be waiting times for your order. The common time for delivery is between 5 and 10 days (standard delivery).
For an individual delivery date & shipping please send us email.

The product you prefer is “Out of Stock” right now? 
No worries! Just send us an email and we will put your pre-order on our waiting list.